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I’ve have the same science partner throughout and she has been great. She read the books and engaged with the material over and above what was provided. She (and I) have both gotten good at facilitating conversations. I would gladly partner with her for programs after this series is over.

We have been discussing ways in which the library can further partner with the school. One way involved the Engineering Club. Each year they take on a practical project for someone in the community and this year they approached the library for possible projects. (I don’t know if that came to fruition since I have had other issues on my plate but I will follow up and see.) She is also an advisor for the Honors’ Society and they have approached us to donate volunteer hours. There has been some talk of these students putting together and presenting STEM programs for younger students. Also, we have started to discuss the Science Club annual projects, each year its members complete a large science project sometimes in collaboration and sometimes individually. We are exploring the idea of inviting members to share their projects when completed with the public at a library program.

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