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I have used a different science partner for each program. At first I liked the variety and a bit more expertise that offered, but especially on the last program I had a hard time finding any one. Maybe going with someone throughout would’ve been better? I’ve also found though that asking someone to commit to a couple year long prolong may intimidate. By using a different person each time I have invited people in that mostly hadn’t visited the library, which added an element of freshness each time.

I’ve been challenging myself to think of new partners and ways to immerse the library into the community. Often times after a program I will have people come up to me and say they thought of so and so during the program, or you know so and so used to specialize in that area. It’s been a nice way for me to get to know some talents of community members I wasn’t aware of, however would’ve been nice info ahead of the program 😉

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