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For me this was a little difficult because in my situation I feel like there are certain STEM outcomes that I’d like to address for the community at large, and there are also STEM outcomes that I have observed from the group of regulars who have attended this program over the past couple years. So number one I agree with Erica that I see a lack of confidence in homeschool parents that come in for my other programs. I would like the Library to serve as a good resource in STEM training and opportunity for this group in the community. So the outcome similar to Erica’s would be to instill a greater sense of confidence in parents to work with their kids in the STEAM areas. My number two outcome that I’d like to achieve is based on observations from my group of participants over the course of the program. My group has been more drawn to the topics of connection, communication, and history or traditions. We have had some great discussions on how advancements in technology etc have changed how we are connected to each other. I would like to continue to offer programming that focuses on this aspect of science. So I guess the out come would be offer programming or discussions that promote and focus on communication and understanding its role in the future.

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