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Wow…this may be silly, but since I’m such a small library I thought I knew my medium ages etc. and I was surprised that it was younger than I thought…. 32, I was expecting more like 52.

Therefore, we have decided to focus our adult learning on 30 and older. Not that we ever didn’t consider them adult learners, we just have focus on adults older than that.

Programs and Outcomes will be:
1) The science of prescribed burns, how to keep a forest healthy. (Our mountains right now are being burned by an out of control prescribed fire right now, it is literally a HOT topic.)
Attendees to this program will come away with a knowledge of the benefits of burning, plus other alternatives on keeping the forest healthy, and what they can do.

2) Sci-Fi true or false, how the world has been shaped by science fiction.
Attendees to this program will come away with an understanding of how Science Fiction has change us. They will discover facts and fictions about what we mere humans can really do and what might exciting changes may be coming in the future.

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