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My first program will be targeted to older adults but open to all ages. We will cover smart phone utilization. There will be a focus on downloading apps and information on the library’s digital collection. The desired outcome is twofold. Participants will become comfortable with their smartphones and will access the library’s digital collection. I will conduct this program multiple times both in the branch and as an outreach targeting our local senior living apartments.
My second program will be targeted to all adults. This will be a monthly program offered during the middle of the day. Participants will be encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch and any craft on which they are currently working. My expectation is that participants will learn about and experiment with new crafts. As we lunch I will also be booktalking newer titles which are available for checkout both in the traditional formats and electronically.
The outcomes will be 1-participants realizing the library is a resource for crafting. 2-participants realizing the library is a community center and 3-participants learning about new titles and utilizing them in multiple formats.

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