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Ok, after doing some more research and pondering on the topics that I’d like to address in my community I’ve come up with some better defined programs and outcomes. First one; Deepen understanding of energy sources that are near our community, the roles they play, and how they came to be. We will be reading The Longest Night by Andria Williams that chronicles a nuclear reactor event not far from our community. I’m hoping to have a representative from Suzlon a local wind turbine company to attend as a guest. Second one; outcome would be for participants to have a more scientific understanding of mining and it’s risks. There are several mines in the Northern part of our state one had a large explosion several years ago that impacted many families. We will read The Deep Dark by Gregg Olsen. I’m hoping to find a retired miner or a relation of one to be my guest. As always with any of our programs an outcome is that people are talking about topics they don’t normally discuss. It’s so great to discuss the more STEM side of our surroundings.

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