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I can share what we will be doing for our next adult STEM program. This idea was thought up by a PTL participant, she talked about it at one of the PTL programs and at a book club meeting and got an overwhelming amount of interest! It’s something that we at the library would have never thought people would be interested in, but they are constantly asking about it now! This would have never happened if we hadn’t gotten this grant and done this project. Our future science partner came to us with the idea and a natural partnership was formed around a science program. Anyway, here is her proposal:

We will be doing a geological tour of our parish (county.) At first we were going to literally rent a bus and take a tour and stop for a picnic lunch, but now we are looking at doing a virtual tour. Anyway, our science partner works for one of the large petro-chemical plants in our parish. She is a geologist. She can show us where there are people in our parish living on top of an underground salt dome. There are also fresh water aquifers, buried prehistoric forests, and a spot where three hidden faults converge. To anyone outside of our parish it may seem a bit dry, but for people living here who didn’t know any of this existed right below their homes, and schools, and businesses, it is super exciting!

Although our partner is the expert, we were able to use our librarian skills to find some rare documents that she wanted to put together her presentation. I might see if I can find a drone operator to get us some cool pictures to share too. I don’t think I want to connect it to any readings or videos. I think her presentation will be enough. What do you guys think?

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