Reply To: Unit 7: Science Learning

Amy McKeever

I like how Michele mentioned how people were actively participating in discussing the concepts. I was thinking that Pushing the Limits was still a little narrow, in that we are still choosing a topic to help people learn about (rather than fully responding to their interest). But, I think by having it be a discussion rather than a presentation, and with many touch points on science and life, people were more able to focus on the areas they were curious about and discussion went in those directions.

Another area I saw – we had our science partner (or a community partner) present a little about their own field and current work (or hobby) and how that related to the theme of the day. I think having someone from the community share personally about their work and issues they were seeing and how they were solving them, helped pique the group’s interest, and they asked followup questions to learn more, even if it wasn’t something they were previously interested, or even going to continue to learn about. But it gave a little interesting window on a science area that they briefly pursued.

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