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I understand the need of our library being a tool to share information. Health topics seem to be a popular here. The programs we’ve offered that have to do with mental health or physical health are well attended and bring out discussion as patrons strive to learn more – at all ages. Having a presenter who is able to connect with the patrons is so important. I agree that discussions fare better than just be talked at by a presenter

I am still working out how to meet the patrons’ needs in our community as they are very erratic as to what they attend and find interest in. Surveys haven’t really helped in narrowing this field and, besides health and history, some science themed programs have not been well attended. I hope this new round of programs for Tradition and Transformation will be well received. Using the ideas presented in helping make our patrons more knowledgeable to make better/smarter decisions is a good guide in to what to look at for future program topics. Feeding their knowledge of topics learned beyond school on making their lives better in all sorts of ways.

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