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I haven’t read either of those, but the idea of food traditions is interesting.

The science related to tradition that comes to my mind relates to child development. Some of the recommendations that are followed now are polar opposites of previous generations – for example, when to start solids, how babies should sleep (back vs. tummy), potty training, catching a cold from not dressing warmly enough, etc. I’ve noticed it can be difficult for people to let go of what they did with their own children, and they refuse to believe that science has shown a different way of doing things.

Another thought for tradition – what about Inuit people whale hunting?

I can see how heritage and tradition overlap, but I’m focusing on heritage as how we leave earth for future generations. I live on a lake that is a water source for Dallas so water conservation is a big issue here. Our library is offering programs on native planting. The plants don’t require as much water or maintenance and prevent stormwater runoff. If people would stop planting grass lawns and switch to native planting, our lake would be healthier.

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