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Amy McKeever

It made more sense for us to do all 4 sessions together as a cohesive series, so we actually just finished doing both of these programs.
We chose “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes for Motion. It connects with motion because one of the main characters is quadriplegic, so recognizing how not being able to move affects us as humans. Also, the other main character was stuck in her life, a narrow view of what was possible in her life, and she grew significantly in that over the course of the book. It worked pretty well for the theme. There was some controversy around the book because of implications of character choices, and the author not consulting with people who are quadriplegic. In many ways that added to the discussion and helped us consider real life. Also, though general fiction in genre, it contained a romantic story, so it may not connect with everyone.
We chose “Monuments Men” by Robert Edsel for Heritage. One of the key themes of the book is of the importance of art to humanity, and the need to preserve art for future generations. It generated some good conversation. Though the book may be a little long, even so, it really gets at the themes from the beginning, so even if people don’t finish the book, there’s good conversation.

Both books happened to have movies made of them. Several people both read the book and watched the movie, and so they were able to comment on the difference between them. It also helped that if people didn’t have time to read the book, they could just watch the movie.

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