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I had my first events. They were super. The first was presenting the book, T.C. Boyle’s, When the Killing’s Done”. I shared the videos and we had a dialog about the topic and the way we were presenting the Adult STEM and this particular series.
I had advertised in the local paper, in the local shopper, on the facebook page, in the blog, word of mouth and in our library calendar. There were 4 attendees the first session, which is amazing, many times I am alone the first time I do things. Still learning how to market effectively and efficiently. I offered a snack and coffee/tea, water.
The second session was even better. I had 6 attendees, 3 of the previous had not been able to make it because of their travel this time of year. So, I had reached 4 NEW folks!! I had the Science Partner there and he presented.
I do see that I need to work a little more with my Science Partners as he fell back on a power point and offered only some time for questions rather than real discussion. He wanted to deliver his content. I have a feeling he would have fallen back on his methods anyway, but, for future, I have ideas to make it more of a dialog and informal.
We didn’t even have time for the snacks this time. folks were really interested. A few picked up the Clive Cussler book for the January sessions. Yippeeeeeee.

I cannot tell you how nervous I was before each session, but, once it happened, it went so well. folks were really ready for this and told me they would come to the next one and bring friends. Yippee.

You all presented such great info and so many resources. I do plan to develop a program around another books or series of books. I have learned so much. This really fits for me and the vision I have for our library. Folks have said that we are really making the library a community center. Again, yippeeeee!!! 😀

I hope everyone else is having such fun with this. I am in a tiny town, with a tiny library which had NO programs for anyone in the last many years….just a book depository. Folks are really accepting this. 😀
town of 700, service area less than 1000. Folks who don’t regularly use the library have patronized this event. yippee.

Thank you. carol

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