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We did Thunderstruck because I’m lazy and that was the one I had already read. I’m on the Stonewall for Youth Committee so I had 130 books to read for voting at Midwinter (in two weeks!). Now I genuinely have to keep up with everyone. I should have a bit more time, however. 🙂 Clive Cussler is next for us.

So I had two decks of cards. Since there are four meetings I am going to use one suit each meeting. I handed out the cards of the blue deck and shuffled the red deck together (clubs only) and had a card selected. The match won! This worked because we had eleven participants. However now that I have people bringing friends, if it gets to be more than thirteen I don’t know what I’ll do! But that’s a happy problem and I have until February 13 to solve it. 🙂

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