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We are excited to host our first program at the end of this month. We’re trying this as a series of four discussions over the summer – one each month, May – August. We get our best attendance with adults during summer events, so it seemed like the best time for a special program.

I decided to start with the Survival theme, and chose one of the alternate books, “In the Heart of the Sea” by Nathaniel Philbrick. Books that are made into movies are very popular at our library and I’m hoping that people will remember the movie and it might catch their attention.

Ron Howard directed the movie version and he has a 3-minute video on Youtube that tells about the book. The author is also interviewed in this trailer. We’ve been showing this to our book clubs and other adult and teen programs.

For food, because I am marketing it with the “science cafe meets book club” tag line I bought a Keurig with some specialty coffees and teas. I will get some fancy bars and cookies and try to go for the whole “cafe/coffee shop” theme.

Along with the typical marketing stuff (Facebook, Twitter, flyers, bookmarks, press release to the local paper, etc) I have a display table in the library with survival books and information about the program.

We purchased 15 copies of the book, plus the ebook, the downloadable audio, and a CD audio book. We won’t be giving away the books to participants but will keep them as a book club set to loan out to other libraries once our program is over.

Our science partner is a biology professor from a nearby college.

Michele Patrick
Indianola Public Library
Indianola, Iowa

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