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I would echo many of the comments from the other participants. This has been great for my community. The biggest obstacle for me was leading adults. I have lead children’s programs often, but had no experience with adults. That was intimidating. But I did it! I did find that I grew a little more confidence each session, and I also realized I don’t have to be the expert at everything. I had a different science partner for each topic which was nice to have some variety. I learned about my library that I’m not very well equipped to host groups. Everyone made do and made it work. For example some evenings we were a little crowded, sometimes my volume on laptop wouldn’t go quite loud enough for people to hear. Overall, what I learned most about my library is if you build it they will come. Nothing like this have ever been offered, and people were very excited and willing to attend. I learned a lot about my community. We’ve got lots of local experts right here in town, as others have said lots of interesting backgrounds, and stories to share. Also I loved the science in every day life. It’s so true, its everywhere and it was nice to slow down long enough to appreciate it.

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