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“Curious” is how many of my attendees described themselves when we went around and did introductions at our previous programs. “I’m curious about this.” “I read the book and I’m curious to hear what other people thought.” “I heard about these programs on the radio and I was curious to see what it was about.” This is what I heard all the time. We definitely tapped into curiosity.

The attendees asked great questions to our science partner and to each other. One time an attendee brought a book she thought others would like if they liked the one we were reading for the program. She asked to share about it at the end. Another time someone mentioned a documentary that had just shown on our local PBS station and talked about how that went right along with our conversation/topic and others chimed in and had either recorded it or watched it! Like others have said, people who attended multiple programs also brought follow-up questions or ideas and related them to the topic of the current program.

I like how these programs can be for one-time attendees or for people who attend each and every program. Each person gets something different from the program.

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