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I was overall pleased with our programs last winter. I used 4 different science partners – 2 Biology professors from a local college, 1 science librarian at the college, and 1 Director of an academic science program at another college. All 4 were women, which I thought was great. Interestingly, most of the participants were women as well, and many of them in science fields. The feedback I received was very positive – how it was nice to (finally!) have a library program focused on science, for patrons who aren’t interested in our usual crafty adult programs. Some of my science partners were better at leading discussion than others – the science librarian was the best, so I am thinking of asking her whether she is interested in leading all 4 this time.

The only things that gave me pause were the somewhat dwindling numbers as the series progressed. I don’t know if this was due to the order of the books, or just the fact that the weather was improving. Also, I was surprised that more men didn’t want to participate and am hoping to improve that statistic this time around.

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