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We also chose Station Eleven and are using the same science partner. The video is difficult to connect and since we have have had primarily retired female teachers as our audience at these programs I an unsure how helpful it will be. One parallel is that repetition can create new traditions. The coach started the “fire run” for the team and travelling symphony created a tradition out of their route and territory by repeatedly looping the same trail. Another is that those in power can force traditions upon others. The prophet in the book is able to force a new tradition of brides upon the residents of St. Debra on the water and the coach can dictate the traditions at practice. People need tradition as it greatly increases their feeling of well being. In the book as the violence became less widespread after the pandemic, people were able to start building traditions again. I think this connects to the football player who asked for the rubber bracelets for his father’s coffin – he was able to see the connection between the football traditions and his father’s and the traditions were a comfort to him. I also sa an element of rooting for the underdogs to succeed in the video and the book. Having this program on 10/25.

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