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We held our sessions on the last Saturday of the month at 10:30 am. At first, I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough participation in the discussion. Our attendance numbers were on the small side, but we had a lot of discussion! We usually meet for 2 full hours with interesting and lively discussions!

My science partner is a high school science and math teacher. He also has a martial arts school. I knew him and his wife from our local homeschool group. I knew that he had a real passion for math and science. He and his wife both have a strong interest in learning, reading, and living well. He led our group in some really great discussions!

One side note: he preferred to have his books in audiobook format. The rest of the program participants preferred actual books.

I wouldn’t have chosen any of the books we read last season on my own. However, I did enjoy them. Flight Behavior was my favorite, followed by Land of the Painted Caves. I am thankful for this Rural Gateways / STEM program and that it has reminded me of my interest in scientific topics. It also kick started my thinking about the importance of science and how to try leave our planet in a somewhat better place for future generations.


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