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We are reading Lab Girl for our December 14th meeting. Our science partner is the AP Chemistry teacher at the high school, who was recommended by a group member whose daughter is in her class. She is very excited about the program, and said that some of her students want to come. We have themed food at all of our meetings, this time will be Scandinavian desserts, and candy (and diet Coke along with the usual coffee and tea). I’m looking forward to this program, this has been my favorite book so far. The group (we have a core group of about 12, with new people popping in, too) likes nonfiction (we already have a regular fiction book group at the library), so all of the future books will be nonfiction.

We have had very good luck with science partners at all of our meetings. Last month we read Friday Night Lights, and we had an awesome older guy (who looks just like Wilford Brimley) who was a football official for 39 years AND a former school librarian. Next month will be our second teacher from our school district.

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