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      Karen Brown

      Welcome to the next phase of the project! Let’s use this discussion thread to share reflections about your experiences with offering the four Pushing the Limits programs. As you completed the “Reflections” document, what stood out about the experience for your library, your community, and/or YOU?

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      Amy McKeever

      One of the most fun aspects for me was seeing how lively the discussions were, and the response of “I’m not a science person, but this was really good.”
      I also invited some community partners from local businesses or organizations, to share their own stories (adding another basis for conversation besides the book and video, that was more of a local perspective). It was great to see how the group enjoyed that aspect and connected more with the community and the science aspects because of the local connection. This might be a interesting avenue to continue a similar program after this series is over.

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      It was a good experience all around, for both myself and the participants. It was amazing listening to different perspectives, and it made me truly realize how everyone has a different story to tell. The participants had a pretty good time as they would, even now, ask from time to time when the next series will start! The group particularly liked the concept of combining a book with a STEM related video.

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      Karen Brown

      Thanks, Xia for your comments. It sounds like the program discussion was well facilitated if everyone was able to contribute a different perspective and story.

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