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      Karen Brown

      Please share responses to the questions.

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      Amy McKeever

      Last year and this year I invited local professionals to join the Pushing the Limits discussion, to share for 5-10 minutes about their own work and how it related to the theme. So, we were discussing the book, the video, plus a local person’s story. I enjoyed having someone local come, because they really added to the discussion, and everyone enjoyed hearing from someone right there. For connection last year we had a ham radio operator come, for tradition we invited the director of a local museum. For transformation we had a chemist turned big data analyst who shared about the transformation of his professional life, as well as some of the latest chemical technologies (OLED screens). The person who runs the genealogy club at our library is sharing for heritage. One challenge was finding a person who would share well on the theme, and having them be available, and committing that time, to just share for 5-10 minutes. But, I think everyone who did come and share felt like it was a good discussion and very worthwhile (even though we only had less than 10 participants). When I wasn’t able to find someone to share, our science partner shared some stories instead. (Our facilitator for Motion from the state park will be sharing about how the more intense rainfall is causing the waterways to change, and what they are doing about it.) This was nice because it gave opportunity to our facilitators to talk about their research/ expertise. I really enjoyed this inviting and talking, so I’m thinking this could be an avenue to continue for future adult STEM programming.

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