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      Karen Brown

      David Lankes presents much “food for thought” about the library’s role in a community. In many of our professional development discussions, we have touched on ways that the library has an impact on the community.

      Let’s switch the focus just a bit and consider how the community may have changed you and your library. Since participating in the Rural Gateways project, how has your community transformed you? Has your view of your job and your role in the community changed? Likewise, in what ways has your community transformed your library?

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      When we did our first four Pushing the Limits programs, we received many compliments from the community. In the time between those first programs and now, we became very interested in offering citizen science, which really has been well-received. Together, the response has made staff aware of the interest in science programming, especially hands-on interactive. Prior to Pushing the Limits, our interactive science has been prolific but only for youth and family programs.

      I especially found the first video in the tenth unit useful. I, like many librarians, have interested volunteers, and have been unable to find enough for them to do that doesn’t also make work for myself. The idea of using the three questions to find program voluteers/leaders was amazingly simple and brilliant. I plan on using that approach immediately!

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