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      Karen Brown

      Now that you have a behind-the-scenes look at the various decisions that go into creating a Pushing the Limits video, think about the “Traditions” and “Transformation” videos you used in your most recent library programs. Which elements listed on the “Pushing the Limits Program Videos: Story Structure” handout seem to stand out for you? (You can download the handout from the Unit 9 website page.)

      Here’s the list of elements on the handout:

      Central Person or Story

      • Engaging personality
      • Likable
      • Not self-righteous
      • Shared culture or values
      • Cross-generational
      • Unusual or remarkable situation
      • Inspiration against odds
      • Not overly controversial topic

      STEM Elements

      • STEM in everyday life is explicit
      • We can see STEM “happen”
      • Central character talks about STEM (not the narrator)
      • At least two STEM threads in the theme
      • Not too much STEM
      • Wisdom of the elders is present
      • Leaves open-ended questions

      Visual and Production
      • People doing things that are fun to watch
      • Story kept short for discussion
      • Narration well-paced
      • Film footage emotionally invests the audience
      • Light touch on animations

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      I felt that Mark’s “visual and production” features were an important part of the success of the videos. While I felt that in some of the videos, especially the football video, that there were too many STEM topics mentioned, overall, I understand his approach. I felt the metal art was very good and useful.We have adapted that to program on decorative glass art and glass blowing.

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      It was fun to hear how the videos were made and all that went into your selections for the topics presented. Though I struggle to find people to speak on some of the subjects, I did have a therapist teach a class on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its effects. We only had 15 people attend, but through some lecture and then little work areas, we learned so much on how to keep our minds sharp, change bad behaviors, and help others. All part of the Tradition and Transformation section.

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      I liked both of the videos, but since we didn’t choose the football book, I felt like it really didn’t apply quite as much to our session.

      The metalworking one was very neat since we have an international factory/metalworking business in town. So that was really cool.

      I liked the videos from the other sessions (in 2017) better. I felt as if I was more emotionally involved with those videos. These weren’t nearly as “moving” so to speak.

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      During the first set of programs I struggled to bring the videos into the discussions where we were already discussing a book- it almost felt like we were adding too much, and we ended up not using every video.
      Seeing the behind the scenes helps, and I appreciate the idea of the stories in the videos making the topics more open ended, giving audiences more directions to take the discussion.

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